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Denmark is spoilt for beaches and each one has a different style.

Ocean Beach

10Km down Ocean Beach Road from the Blue House is the towns surf beach. There is a Surf Club with regular patrols. The Denmark River seasonally breaks through the sand bar and empties onto this beach through the inlet you can see here. It is a great walk around the bay for as far as you want to go.

You can get surfing lessons right on the beach:

Looking North

The Southern end of Ocean Beach

Lights Beach

A similar distance down Lights Road. This road starts at a turn off ½ way down Ocean Beach Road. Lights Beach is great for beach combing with big swells rolling in from the Southern Ocean.

The top of the pathway is a good place to spot Whales. Take a short walk along the path to the left of the carpark and down the stairs and you will find a salt water stream. The waves throw water onto the rocks which is then channelled back towards the dunes creating a calm seawater stream that flows up and around and back out to sea. It is the safest place for a swim at this beach, as the main ocean is usually very rough with rips and swirling currents.

On leaving Lights beach, driving to the left will take you through a nice

bush drive back onto South Coast Highway.

Greens Pool

Heading 15kms out of town West towards Walpole is the towns favourite beach. Greens Pool is down Williams Bay Road. If you want a calm flat water swim this is a must.

A natural defense from the swells is formed by a line of rocks that result in a 400m long ‘pool’ that is always calm. The climb down the stairs from the sealed carpark opens up a sandy beach protected from all but the worst Westerly winds. (Check out the photo hanging above the piano in the Blue House)

If you are agile enough, a walk around the rocks you will discover other poos and channels.

Elephants Rocks Beach

A short walk around the rocks from Greens Pool and strangely resembling a herd of elephants this 50 metre wide beach is the most protected of them all. There is a second trail from Elephants rocks taking you directly back to the carpark.

Sand 'Carstle'

Mad Fish Bay

Driving East from the Greens Pool carpark will lead you to Mad Fish Bay. This exposed spot has both Easterly and Southern beaches.

It is beautiful on a calm day and particularly at low tide.

Lowlands Beach

17 Km East of town near Youngs Siding is our personal favourite during the busy summer months. Exploring the rocks at low tide will treat you to some beautiful tiny rock pools.

Shelley Beach & Cosy Corner

Add Shelley Beach at West Cape Howe or Cosy Corner and you’ll find your stay won’t be long enough.

This is a popular spot for Paragliders and they can often be seen circling the air above.

Parry Beach

Oh and don’t forget Parry Beach!

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