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Dog Friendly Locations

Local Dog Friendly Walks

Lights Beach:

The footage playing on our Home Page is of Lights Beach.

Take the walkway up to the left from the carpark and then down to the beach after another 50m.

Climb over the rocks at the far end of the first beach and walk another km or so.

Photo: Evening at Lights Beach.

Mokare Heritage Trail:

Cross the walk bridge at the River Mouth Caravan Park and turn left, you can walk all the way back to the town bridge. Alternatively, park at the town end carpark and walk the opposite way.

Wilson Inlet Heritage trail

Cross the walk bridge at the River Mouth Caravan Park and keep walking straight, it follows the inlet for Km's. There are swimming spots along the way.

Catch up with the trail further from town by driving to the end of Lake View Place and walking down to the trail and inlet from there.

Ocean Beach dog areas:

Turn left opposite the Big4 Ocean Beach Holiday Park and cross the walk bridge to access the dog section of Ocean Beach.

The bigger area that's nearer to the Ocean is an Off lead area.

Depending on the season you can walk, wade, or swim out to Ocean Beach itself.

If the seasonal water level of the inlet allows you to get to the main beach heading to the left is a fantastic walk.

Heading to the right isn't allowed, as that is the town Surf Beach and Surf Cub.

Kwoorabup Community Park:

Cross the walk bridge at the rear of the park and turn left, walk for kilometres along the riverbank - Our personal favourite. Only 2.1km from the Blue House.

Kwoorabup Trail:

The opposite end of the trail leading from the Kwoorabup Community Park.

Drive to the end of East River Rd and walk back in the opposite direction.

Lots of trees and shade and access to a weir for a swim.

Harewood Forest Walk Trail:

A beautiful thick bush walk, a few Km's up in the hills along Scotsdale Rd.

Laing Park enclosed dog area.

2.3km from the Blue House.

Turn right at Mitre10. Drive 1.2km down Ocean Beach Road. The park is signposted on the right.

Lowlands Beach:

A 29km drive from Denmark but one of our favourites in the peak season when the carparks at the other beaches closer to town are full.

The Blue House is great for dogs too:

The yard is fenced. The bush section of the property with the big tree swing and cubby house is outside of the fence but accessible by gates or a stile.

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